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Sustainable Oriented and Long-lasting Unique Team for energy self-suffIcient cOmmuNities

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November, 2009 to October, 2014
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Pilot Cities

  1. Hartberg
  2. Kaindorf
  3. Cernier
  4. Hvar
  5. Lapua

Early adopter cities

The SOLUTION project mobilised public/private resources to build showcases of energy self-sufficient communities in Austria, Croatia, Finland and Switzerland (together with an associated Slovenian community) with a strong potential for replication throughout Europe.

SOLUTION was designed to respond to the needs of an effective take-off of the European SET-plan by demonstrating novel applications of different energy technologies and techniques integrated in an intelligent way within model areas. Although the individual demonstration projects were independent from each other, being designed to fulfil local energy needs and using local resources, there were many similarities between them.

The main objectives of SOLUTION were the development of a replicable model of energy sustainability by 2015 and thereby the reduction of CO2 emissions as well as the mobilisation of private and public resources for implementation. The project partners aimed to demonstrate that sustainable solutions in the field of energy respond to the economic, environmental and social needs of communities.

The project’s activities comprised various measures ranging from research and development activities in the area of energy efficiency and consumer behaviour and pilot projects within the involved communities to dissemination and training/knowledge transfer activities.

The project’s final aims included an increased recognition of the growth potential in the renewable energy field and to contribute to a reduction in energy use costs and dependence.

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