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REMINING-LOWEX dealt with the redevelopment of European mining areas into sustainable communities by integrating energy supply and demand, based on low-exergy principles. Four ambitious local communities - Heerlen (The Netherlands), Zagorje (Slovenia), Czeladz (Poland) and Cherno More (Bourgas, Bulgaria) - demonstrated the use of locally available... Continue reading
Funding programme: CONCERTO 2
SCIS Clusters: SCIS Clusters : Demonstration projects, Sustainable energy solutions on district level, Brownfield development


The STORM project tackles energy efficiency at district level by developing an innovative district heating & cooling (DHC) network controller. Based on self-learning algorithms, the developed controller will enable to maximize the use of waste heat and renewable energy sources in DHC networks. The controller has been implemented in two demo... Continue reading
Funding programme: H2020, EE 13 - 2014/2015: Technology for district heating and cooling
SCIS Clusters: SCIS Clusters : Demonstration projects, Energy System Integration, ICT based solutions for district heating & cooling