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Smart lighting systems and lampposts

Smart Lighting Systems & Lampposts

Challenges/ Barriers facing


  • Maintenance costs are high, especially in small projects
  • New lighting systems save energy but might require more material recourses
  • Many technical problems

Social & behavioural

  • Politicians aren't engaged
  • Lack of interest at the beginning of the project

Finance & business model

  • Benefits to a municipality aren’t clearly defined yet. No sustainable business model for sensor ecosystem
  • Difficulties to find a way of making the investment future proof

Competences & risks

  • Public procurement – lengthy, focused on price, lack of experience in innovative procurement
  • Lack of knowledge about new technologies

Regulatory & juridical

  • Legacy systems and contracts


  • Smart Lighting use cases cut across silos, enginers out of their depth.
  • Lack of examples and use cases
  • The capacity for standards & asset allocation in municipalities is low.
  • Resistance to joint working


Incentives/ Policy recommendations/ Suggestions/ Best Practices

Policy recommendations

  • Political leadership can drive change
  • Lighting system replacement increases employment

User incentives

  • Demonstrate value of data including social and environmental value
  • Build system for local businesses to benefit from

Best practices & suggestions

  • Exploit Lighthouse Programme for tools and capacity –don’t just do another pilot!
  • Utilize standards to drive change and strengthen business cases
  • Build a convincing case for politicians and engage with finance too
  • Secure buy-in from legacy arrangements
  • Collaborate and be transparent with citizens and partners from the beginning
  • The technology’s multidisciplinary character offers opportunities to do things collectively
  • Think ahead: where is the potential to exploit? – 5G, supporting SMEs, etc.

Plan for Implementation (Next Steps)

  • Identify and combine learnings from the projects across Europe
  • Engage with politicians and inhabitants using the guidance from the Lighthouse Projects – express the benefits and explain the risks
  • Engage with officers using smart booklet, especially with finance
  • Set-up workshop to test materials from Lighthouses and explore potential of smart lighting
  • Explore larger pilots and start to leverage scale, within own city and other cities. At the same time continue smaller tests with new technologies/systems/solutions.
  • Think more from a social (“ What makes people happy? ”) than a financial perspective
  • Look into data monitoring
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